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MIDDLE AGES. Social Sciences in English. 2nd ESO

This year we are enroled in a GEP project, that means Grup d'Ensenyament plurilingue... We have been working on it over the months of November and December.  Sinéad, our conversation assistant helped us in some lessons.

Students watched a video about the Middle Ages to help them think  towards feudalism, manors, nobles, monks, peasants and craftsmen. They worked in groups of 5 people, in a collaborative way. We used the Social Sciences Class and Google sites, so that the students learnt  the different tasks and the web sites  pages they had to use.

In the first part, they recalled specific information from  the video. They  carried out  an internet search using different websites to find out  the way of life and relationship between nobles, monks, peasants and craftsmen.

They filled in a  quiz, anddid   a crossword to explore the Middle Ages further and deeper and the shared the information with  their classmates. Finally, they gave  a presentation about the Middle Ages, and shared it with their mates.

In the second part, some groups created a  short role playing about some of the ceremonies and activities of feudalism, but we could'nt perform it because we didn't have enough time before the Christma's holidays. 

Now, we are working to  make a video about the Middle Ages, similar to the one they watched at the beginning,  and  our intention is to upload it  on yYutube.

We hope  to continue with the project next year and to work not only  on the Middle Ages, but also  on the Renaissance. 

Here you have some of their projects.  





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